The WhiteSoftboard

The Wood Finish

The WhiteSoftboard is a tool that everyone must have. Its the perfect way to pretend that you’re incredibly busy to stop those annoying questions that are constantly shot at you. It requires just two simple steps

Step1: Build WhiteSoftboard

Step2: Fill whiteboard. Pin up multiple papers on the softboard.

And thats it! This is an extremely simple, but useful project to make. I made two for myself, one with a “wood” look and one with a more “modern” look. I personally like the wood finish better, but you can decorate yours however you want. For the entire instructable, please click here

The Paint Finish

A Modular Workstation

Picture of Modular Workstation

What if you had a workstation that was reconfigurable from the ground up? That’s exactly what this workstation seeks to do, make a unit that can be quickly customised for specific project needs. The reason I made this unit is that I don’t have a traditional workbench which I can use so I keep moving from one place to another. It’s quite irritating¬†to move individual components, and even of I do, I often lose something on the way. I made this workstation to try and solve those problems.

A run-through of the configurations :

1. Base configuration – you get a large box with a screwdriver set and a hammer. It’s big enough to fit two circular saws and have some space left over.

2. Large modules – two of these can be placed in the box at any time. There are four in total, the jigsaw module, the drill module, the carpentry module and the electronics module.

3. Smaller modules – three of these can be placed in the box along with any two larger modules. These have removable dividers so they can be used either for small parts or for keeping slightly larger items like an arduino or a raspberry pi.

I’ve been using this for quite a while now, and I can honestly say that if you don’t have a permanent workstation, this can be incredibly useful to work on projects. To learn how to make this, please click here.¬†Cheers!