Solving Shrink-Ray/ Iltorb issues in Yeoman Angular-Fullstack

We had a team meeting for a project recently where the objective was to learn how to use the Yeoman Angular-Fullstack scaffolder. Unfortunately my team and I spent the entire two hours debugging the generator, particularly the shrink-ray, iltorb and node-zopfli modules. I’m not sure what the issue is with these modules, but this seems to be a pretty common problem, so I hope it’s officially fixed soon. Until then, we discovered some workarounds that might be helpful temporarily.

These fixes have not been tested rigorously to see if they break the scaffolded app. Use at your own risk.


If you get an “ELIFECYCLE” error, this fix might work for you.

      1. Install Anaconda for Python (this step is not necessary but I find it a lot more convenient to do things this way).
      2. Run
        conda create --name snakes python=2
      3. Navigate to the folder in which you want to scaffold your app and run
        source activate snakes
      4. Now scaffold your app using
        yo angular-fullstack
      5. You should get errors showing up. Run
        rm -rf node_modules/
      6. Navigate to package.json. Remove the line that says shrink-ray.
      7. Run
        npm install
      8. Run
        npm install shrink-ray --save

And “gulp serve”¬†should work! It did on most of the Macbooks I tested it on (around 4).


In windows we got a weird Windows SDK missing error. None of the fixes worked until we removed shrink-ray, node-zopfli and iltorb from package.json, reran npm install, and manually copied the three folders (from a working installation) into node_modules/. This is a terrible solution for many reasons (least of all that you don’t get regular updates), but it worked as a temporary fix. It’s probably fine if you just want to play around with the generator.


The GitHub issues page for this generator suggests using “compression” instead of “shrink-ray” for the problem I described, but I haven’t tried that method myself. Either way, I hope the issue is fixed with the generator soon!