The World of Google

It is only fair that my first blog post pays a tribute to the website which ‘Does no Evil’ – Google. Google knows everything. From the Archives, to right Now, there are very few things Google does not know. Right from when ‘Google’ became an official word in the Oxford Dictionary to Google launching Google ‘Nose’ (no, it is not real); everything Google has done has always impacted the world in some way. Despite being this corporate giant which seems to try to take over everything, Google is actually far more playful. Both because it knows everything about everyone and also because the only motto Google has is Don’t Be Evil. But no matter what Google does, there is an element of playfulness that accompanies it, which no other company can claim to have; not even Apple.

Google doodles are amazing pieces of art, Google’s April Fool’s pranks are some of the best and most of their products are a result of free time their employees have. Google has a rule of 20, that is every employee must necessarily devote 20% of his time every week to a project of his own. It is because Google is so relaxed that we have Google Instant, Google Now and Google Maps. Apart from this, work at the Googleplex has billions of other perks including free haircuts, laundry services, massages, free food (all of us would love that) and game rooms.

Google is representative of what a company which is willing to go beyond the book can achieve, what it can do. Not only does Google give us information at all times, it helps us store it, document it and even write blogs like this one! Unfortunately, Google is also a double edged sword. With Google, nothing is secretive. At no point of time do we have the exhilaration that comes with figuring out an answer to question after long searches. Perhaps that feeling can never come back to us now that Google has all but taken over the world; so I’m probably going to go on Gmail to find those Youtube links to Android’s KeyLimePie keynote release.

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