Bringing Britain closer to the EU – A Romanian Dating Solution?

I recently came across a contest on which asked for an article promoting a new Romanian Dating site in the context of the Brexit. The site was for ‘Men from the UK who wanted to meet Romanian women’. Of course, in the interest of privacy, I left the name of the website out, just calling it This was my entry for that contest, let me know what you think!

They say that love is a great unifier, blind to the petty considerations of race, religion or nationality (sometimes even blind to common sense, and sometimes just plain blind). What better way to test this adage than in today’s Britain?

No I do not speak of Prince Charles’s new romantic exploits as a knight, saving a damsel in distress in some obscure land. No, Charles is far too old for that (and still a prince, thanks to – God Bless Her – the aged Queen). What I’m talking of something less romantic, but more political – the Brexit. 

Ever since the so-called ‘Brexit’, there has been an increasing number of reports of hatred and hostility towards immigrants. These are sometimes ironical, given that many of the victims of said abuse have lived longer in the UK than the people the hurling insults at then. People are talking of a complete collapse of unity in Europe, and possibly and end to the European Union.

Well one website has the perfect answer to prevent this breakdown of British life. And the answer is not political or economic, it relies on – you guessed it – romance. pairs up British single men with suitable Romanian partners.

Just imagine Nigel Farage with a pretty Romanian lass. The image burns your head, I know, but imagine what that relationship would do for European unity. Mr.Farage can no longer hurl insults at fellow European politicians without receiving a sound lecture from the Missus at night.


And think of what it would do to Britain’s trade with the EU if Boris Johnson (or as I like to call him – the Orange Pancake) had a date in Romania. Heck, the stocks would shoot up the second he stepped foot off England. By setting up that one date you could upgrade Britain’s credit rating. 

And of course, this service isn’t restricted to those powerful (and married) politicians, is meant for the grassroots. If even ten guys a day found a suitable Romanian partners, we would have Romania complaining about too much immigration from the UK in less than a month! 

And let’s be honest, the lads from England would enjoy far far better weather. 

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